Suju 5th album rumor

I heard from a friend that SME planned to gather all 13 Suju including Hankyung for 5th album. SME had still keep this secret from others to know. If this rumor turn to be true wasn’t it worth waiting for them all this while??? Even if it’s a rumor we can still put a hope and pray for it,right? Rumor can always be true.

Ouh! There’s also rumor saying that Heechul and Teukie will do their army service for 2 months only. WTH??? Army is not something that SME could decide on.


P/s: I might sound a bit out of mind saying those above and that was my reaction the first I heard this after awhile I re-think and whisper to myself, why don’t I just go and believe it. Doesn’t cost even a dollar.^^


Kyu and HyoShin

101213 Kyuhyun – After Love (Park Hyo Shin) @ PKL Starry Night Radio

My favorite boy adore my love..what a claim
Indeed, Park Hyo Shin was the best vocal in Korea. Kyu even attended Park Hyo Shin Gift 2 concert last yr. He must be really a fan of Park Hyo Shin and ballad song.

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I shouldn’t hv been this way~

Park hyo Shin

Park Hyo Shin

I shouldn’t treat Suju this way but still I can’t ignore this perfect man with dazzling affection and breath-taking voice. everytime I listen to him I would be blown away by his alluring husky voice. I start to listen to him even before I knew SuJu boys but never had I imagine that I would stuck and drown into him completely.

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20th march-a date to remember!

YES!!! thats true!!! super junior super show 2 at malaysia and i’ll be there next week!!!

OMG!! even my brain cant seem to believe it. well, although only 10 member will come(exclude kangin,kibum,hankyung) still i anticipating this concert. but i still hope at last minute those 3 will end up coming here along with other 10 members.

after purchasing the ticket…now i’m starving. got no money left!!! so i need to do some small business. aaarhhhh…so tired. oppa please heal me next week!!!!!